Positive Selection®

Introducing a whole new approach to file security – one that removes all possible threats without needing to search for them.

We’ve Been Approaching File Security All Wrong

For decades, we’ve relied on predictive analytics to detect and block malicious files. But predicting threats based on historical data is by definition imperfect. Even 99% accuracy guarantees 100% chance of attack.

To be fully protected we can’t just improve our predictions or threat detection. We need an entirely new approach.

Positive Selection:

Keeping only what belongs instead of searching for what doesn’t

Unlike detection-based file security solutions that scan for suspicious elements and block some malicious files, Positive Selection singles out only the safe elements of each file, ensuring every file that enters your organization is 100% safe.


Positive Selection Process

Step 1

Unknown file is received

*Example file type: Word Document

Step 2

Dissect file into content, templates, objects

Extract the content, text and layout;
Process any embedded object;
Analyze content directory;

Step 3

Rebuild the content on top of safe file templates

Replace with a safe pre-set element;
Re-package the file

Step 4

Deliver a 100% safe file

  • Step 1

    Unknown file is received

  • Step 2

    Dissect file into content, templates, objects

  • Step 3

    Rebuild the content on top of safe file templates

  • Step 4

    Deliver a 100% safe file

*Example file type: Word Document


The main part which contains the text, the content and the layout etc.

Replace with a safe pre-set element


embedded file inside the WordX (for example, pdf, exe, Excel etx)

Process any embedded object


A document can contain several media types inside like images, themes, word art, etc. The [Content_Types].xml contains information about such media types present in the document.

Analyze content directory


metadata such as: number of pages, words, characters etc


metadata such as: creator, last modified user, last modified date

Replace with a safe pre-set element


Re-package the file


Complete security
across all files

Outperforms predictive detection-based methods, ensuring file safety

Peace & quiet for security teams

Maximizes productivity with zero interruption to business processes

Clear visibility into threat elimination

Runs at sub-second latency and minimal TCO

We know file security.

In an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, today’s threat protection solutions simply aren’t enough. NGAVs can’t stay ahead of undisclosed threats and zero-day exploits, and sandboxes aren’t securing us from even basic threats. Votiro’s deep understanding in file composition and weaponization has led us to develop an entirely new approach to file security. We don’t just block any threat find – we eliminate it from entering in the first place. With Votiro, malicious files no longer pose a threat to your enterprise.