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Share content safely with Votiro and FileCloud.

Provide Bulletproof Security for Enterprise File Sharing

Votiro’s mission to provide zero trust content security aligns perfectly with FileCloud’s vision to build a hyper-secure content collaboration platform. This partnership will enable safe and secure content collaboration and exchange, keeping customers safe from any file-borne threats.


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File Sanitization

Votiro sanitizes all incoming files in less than a second by extracting all clean content and creating a new, fully functional, 100% safe file. When combined with FileCloud’s security capabilities, it provides potent protection against malicious threats.

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Highly Scalable

Like FileCloud, Votiro can scale according to traffic volumes. It can assign compute power based on the number of file uploads occurring simultaneously. Votiro integrates easily with the FileCloud server and consistently monitors file requests.

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Zero Trust

Votiro operates on the basis that all third-party files should be untrusted. This Zero Trust Content Security stance complements FileCloud’s commitment to Zero Trust principles. Votiro is trusted to sanitize billions of files globally for top Fortune 500 companies.

Protecting Against Zero-Day Threats

Votiro’s technology is particularly effective against zero day threats, which are previously unknown vulnerabilities and exploits. Through neutralizing embedded threats in files, Votiro prevents attacks that remain undetected by signature-based antivirus solutions.

This includes image steganography attacks, where malicious code is embedded in pixel data. These attacks are increasingly easy to execute, with toolkits now on the market, yet standard anti-malware software often cannot detect them. Votiro’s CDR technology neutralizes these attacks as a matter of course.

Seamless User Experience

With the integration of FileCloud and Votiro, files are sanitized and available in real-time to the user. Users can interact with the files without interruption – files are not quarantined, blocked, or unnecessarily delayed. Votiro’s technology works for a broad range of file types, including PDFs, MS Office documents, image files, and more.

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