Votiro for
File Uploads

Prevent malware from entering your web portals and web applications via vendor and customer uploads.

Web portals are used to accept a wide variety of sensitive files and documents uploaded by clients, partners, and the public. In order to keep business moving freely, organizations need to be able to quickly ingest these files – without the risk of hidden threats and privacy exposures. With Votiro, you can do just that.

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Why Votiro DDR for your file uploading needs?

Zero training required

Seamless integrations with everything

Works in cloud and on-premise

Implementation in as fast as 10 minutes

For many organizations, the availability of a 24/7 website portal is crucial for business efficiency – allowing third-parties to upload files, records, and documents with ease. From simple online portals to custom web applications, these offer a massive boost to productivity, but also open your business up to malware attacks.

You’re likely processing hundreds, if not thousands of files per day, and your security team can’t possibly check each one for hidden threats. Meanwhile, antivirus solutions can slow down productivity and only recognize known threats, which means they could be missing malware hidden within.

With Votiro, all files being uploaded to your web portals are cleansed of threats – known and unknown – before they ever reach cloud applications and storage, so you can be sure that every file that comes through is safe to open and share.

While other file security solutions will block files outright or convert them into PDFs, this leaves your employees with safe, yet useless files that become counterproductive to your use of a web portal in the first place. Meanwhile, manual processes such as sandboxing and quarantining only serve to hold up business and cause frustration for both team members and third-parties.

To ensure safe file uploads without sacrificing usability and speed, Votiro proactively sanitizes all content uploads while simultaneously retaining necessary components like macros and other active content. This real-time process happens behind the scenes in just milliseconds to give you full file fidelity as it was intended.

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