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Law firms – and the lawyers and legal teams that work for them – are prone to cyber attacks due to the sensitive information that’s handled day-to-day. Unknown malware can easily hide in files and slip by traditional, signature-based solutions (like AV) during file transfers and the discovery process. Votiro ensures attorneys, outside firms, and internal staff are all opening safe, threat-free files.

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Why Votiro is Perfect for Protecting Legal Data

When you work in legal services, you know that the privacy of your client is of upmost importance. Which also makes it a likely target for hackers looking to expose private data by introducing hidden malware via files.

That’s why Votiro only allows the known-good elements of incoming files to reach your organization. Via our Positive Selection® engine, we remove any malicious content, both known and unknown, and copy the safe elements to a new file that is then delivered to its destination – with full fidelity and usability. This also ensures legal teams get the clean file in near real-time, so you never have to wait for IT to ensure a file is safe to open and use.

To retain client trust, law firms must maintain the integrity of their systems and the assets that flow into and within them.

With Votiro, not only will the files and data you receive and review have both known and unknown threats removed, you’ll have the option to mask private information on a need-to-know basis. This ensures the chain of custody is never compromised by file-borne threats that can allow third-parties (and threat actors) to gain visibility where it is not granted.

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    Votiro seamlessly integrated into the Law Firm’s email and web browser to prevent file-borne threats. By choosing Votiro, the Law Firm allowed their legal team to focus on working with clients and outside legal firms, and conduct case investigations without slowing down.

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    A Law Firm’s Success with Votiro for File-borne Attacks

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