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Votiro +
Zscaler ZIA

Download Content Without Compromise

Together, Votiro and Zscaler are providing organizations with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for file downloads across web browsers, cloud storage, and content collaboration apps. Combining Votiro’s Zero Trust Data Detection & Response (DDR) platform with Zscaler’s leading cloud security solution, ZIA™ (Zscaler Internet Access), potential data breaches and data loss is prevented using zero trust strategies while simultaneously ensuring seamless business operations.

Votiro DDR proactively detects and disarms known, unknown, and hidden file-borne threats in real-time to ensure files remain in their native format and safely flow through the ZIA™ platform.

The Benefits of Votiro + Zscaler

By sanitizing every file passing through ZIA™, organizations can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

As cloud-based solutions,
organizations can scale traffic and file ingestion based on workload needs.

Every file downloaded – no matter the source – is treated as a potential threat and sanitized automatically.

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Votiro's Zscaler ZIA marchitecture

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