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Owl Cyber Defense

Secure Government Ministry Networks

Owl & Votiro Partner Up To Secure Government Ministry Networks

Owl and Votiro have partnered up to enable government ministries to securely transfer files into secure government networks with the addition of the ability to analyze and sanitize files before they enter the secure network. Owl data diodes and cross domain solutions provide hardware-enforced, secure, one-way data transfers into secure networks. Votiro’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solution provides the ability to analyze all files and prevent unauthorized known or unknown threats from entering the secure network. The combined solution enables government ministries to secure connections with untrusted networks without introducing new threat vectors to isolated government networks.


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Securely Receive Files

from Third Parties via a Web Page to an IT Network

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Securely Transfer Data

from an IT Network to an Isolated Government Network

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Safe Collaboration:

Securely transfer financial files from bank clients to a secure collaboration system

The Challenge: Securely Transferring Files Into A Secure Network

In order to perform their duties in serving the public, government ministries receive large numbers of files, applications, permits, and other documents every day. Whether intentional or not, these files represent a cybersecurity risk to the internal operations of each ministry processing these documents. It is essential for ministries to have confidence in the security of the files they are receiving. Threats are increasingly difficult to pinpoint when they are hidden deep in files and delivered to the end user in disguise.

The Combined Solution

Votiro’s CDR solution is built into Owl’s all-in-one data diode and cross domain solutions and is sold exclusively through Owl. This solution does not require end users to interact with Votiro. This solution supports a variety of use cases, including but not limited to securely receiving files like contracts, engineering drawings, and medical claims from a third party via a web page to an IT network, securely transferring confidential data, MS office, archives, and cybersecurity feeds from an IT network to an isolated government network, and securely transferring financial files from bank clients to a secure collaboration system.

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