Votiro for
Content Collaboration

Prevent malware from entering your collaboration tools and file-sharing platforms, like Teams, Box, and more.

With more and more organizations choosing the Work from Anywhere model, collaboration is key to continued productivity. This means, to do their jobs effectively, employees must be able to download and share documents from internal sources and third-parties alike, whether it’s via Microsoft Teams, Box, OneDrive, etc. However, you can’t always be sure that the files being shared and uploaded are free of malware. With Votiro, you can.

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How It Works
  • Fits into any collaboration platform
  • Secures all content exchanges without slowing down file flow
  • Moves only known-good elements onto a clean template
  • The file reaches its destination with its original format, active content, and macros
So good, you won’t even know Votiro is there.

Why Votiro DDR for your content collaboration needs?

Zero training required

Seamless integrations with everything

Works in cloud and on-premise

Implementation in as fast as 10 minutes

With remote workforces dominating many industries across the globe, collaborative tools are essential for speeding up the way business gets done. Not only are they necessary for sharing, accessing, and editing files, but virtually all units of a business – from marketing to human resources to sales, development, manufacturing, and accounting – have a reason to share files with third-parties and vendors. This means, organizations need a reliable solution like Votiro to keep team collaboration software like OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Citrix, SureDrop (and many others) safe from hidden threats that can compromise private data, and more.

Partners and vendors send files every day to members of your team via content collaboration platforms. In order to keep business going, employees must quickly access and download these files – no longer waiting for overburdened IT teams to quarantine, inspect, and release them after productivity has come to a stop. However, shared files come with the risk of hidden threats like malware and ransomware that cannot be detected by the platforms themselves or by traditional detection-based safeguards like antivirus (AV).

To solve this problem, Votiro tackles threats and risks while the data is in motion. In real-time, Votiro transfers only the known-good file elements to a clean file template, leaving behind malware, exploits, and even unknown or zero-day threats. This leaves teams with fully functional and safe-to-use files. With Votiro Data Detection & Response, teams can also ensure that files are free of privacy risks such as PII, PHI, and PCI.

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