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Protect Your Infrastructure from New Threats

Fortinet and Votiro have joined forces. Fortinet’s Security Fabric is paired seamlessly with Votiro’s patented Positive Selection® technology to provide comprehensive file security and network protection.

Better Together: Votiro & Fortinet Sandbox

Comprehensive protection from weaponized files.

Completely secure files from all sources.

Get broad visibility across the attack surface.

In an ever-changing threat landscape, traditional solutions to security aren’t enough. To prevent unknown cyber threats and zero-day attacks, there needs to be a deep understanding of file composition and weaponization, coupled with advanced network security to create a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

Built with deep expertise in the architecture of file formats, Votiro understands and protects more than 180 file types—from .ppt, docs, pdfs, and image files, all the way to more complex formats like Autodesk files. With Votiro, Fortinet customers are covered from even the most obscure, challenging file types that no next-generation antivirus (NGAV) or sandbox can possibly detect.

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