Votiro for
Email Attachments

Secure every message and email attachment that enters your organization.

Email is so essential to work, most people use it without thinking twice about the hidden threats that can make their way in. Hackers easily exploit this by targeting your employees with malicious files when and where they least suspect it – often phishing via “trusted sources.” Unfortunately, current solutions aren’t designed to catch every threat, leaving you one click away from disaster. That is, unless you have Votiro.

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How It Works
  • An external contact will send phishing emails to your employees with malicious attachments.
  • Votiro breaks the email down to its base components, separating text, urls, images, attachments, and everything in between.
  • Votiro starts building a new email using only the elements that were found to be 100% secure – anything that was known or could have been malicious is left behind.
  • Your employee receives safe emails with potentially malicious attachments or URLs left behind.
So good, you won’t even know Votiro is there.

Why Votiro DDR for your email security?

Zero training required

Seamless integrations with everything

Works in cloud and on-premise

Implementation in as fast as 10 minutes

Today’s cybersecurity solutions simply aren’t enough to protect your team from malware hidden in emails and their file attachments. Unfortunately, current solutions like antivirus are not able to keep up with advanced threats and zero-day exploits, leaving you with large gaps that can compromise entire networks and open you up to sensitive data breaches.

With Votiro’s deep understanding in file composition and weaponization, our Zero Trust approach to file security extends seamlessly to that of the email ecosystem. With Votiro, your emails will no longer pose a threat to your business.

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