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When insurance companies use digital channels to improve services and enhance customer experiences, they expose themselves to cyber attacks. Hackers targeting vulnerable sources of data can use weaponized files to inject malware via email attachments and uploaded files, easily breaching security and gaining access to personally identifiable information (PII) about policyholders and more. Votiro stops these threats proactively and in-motion.

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Why Votiro is Perfect for Protecting Insurance Data

Insurance companies need to collect and share sensitive customer data thousands of times a day in order to provide quotes, process claims, update policyholders, and the list goes on.

Votiro’s dedication to Zero Trust principles when it comes to malware threats and privacy risks ensures the data you receive from customers and third parties is secure and remains in the right hands.

With Votiro, not only will you be guaranteed safe, fully-functional files, you’ll stay compliant with strict regulations by ensuring sensitive data isn’t shared with the wrong people.

In order to deliver best-in-class customer service, insurance companies must constantly field documents uploaded by policyholders and third-party vendors in real-time. However, current solutions like AV, EDR, and sandboxing can bring productivity to a halt and often miss hidden threats that can cause irreparable harm – financial and otherwise.

Whether your team is processing claims, extending coverage, or handling other sensitive or time-critical files – just one click on a seemingly harmless attachment or file can compromise your company’s entire network.

With Votiro’s Zero Trust Data Detection & Response, you’ll plug the gaps left behind by other solutions and enhance your security posture in the process. A win-win.

  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

    “Votiro has secured the use of digital channels for receiving files in our company. It adds great value in our high-risk financial business setting, allowing us to speed up the claims journey for our customers and reduce bottlenecks for our staff.”

    Yaara Lavon, CISO, Hachshara Insurance
    use case

    How Hachshara Insurance Eliminated
    File-based Malware

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