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Votiro and
Sumo Logic

Send Advanced File Analytics to Sumo Logic.

Votiro and Sumo Logic are partnered to give you more information on the file-borne threats that are entering your business. Votiro’s patented file sanitization engine will proactively prevent known and unknown zero-day threats in real time, then send unique file analytics to Sumo Logic to help you monitor and better understand these threats.

Better Together: Votiro and Sumo Logic

Use visualizations, alerts, and reports to get instant insight into your security and compliance posture.

Combine log messages for file-related security and analytics.

Identify threat outliers, directions, and more while stopping the file-based threat before it reaches the endpoint.

Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM automatically analyzes and correlates security signals together as high-fidelity insights – helping analysts detect and mitigate relevant threats. When used with Votiro, organizations can take advantage of Votiro’s advanced file sanitization technology, ensuring that all content entering cloud environments remains safe. Security analysts also receive unique analytics on the types of file-borne threats (ultimately eliminated by Votiro) targeting their environment.

As seen in the image to the left, the Votiro CEF Syslog is ingested to Sumo Logic where the data shows the status of threats processed or scanned over a period of time. You can also see panels showing the threats disarmed each day by Votiro, and trends of the number and types of files being sanitized. Votiro enriches these security insights with valuable intelligence that accelerates threat investigation and hunting activities for security teams to reduce alert fatigue and incident response times.

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