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The shipping and logistics sector has always been a prime target for threat actors and file-borne attacks. Ports and ships can be easy targets with so many stakeholders involved in their chartering and operations – many relying on outdated systems. To avoid the next breach and keep everything running smoothly, you need to be able to send and receive documents safely and at-scale.

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Why Votiro is Perfect for Protecting Shipping & Logistics

Odds are you’re already scanning anything and everything that enters your port – as well as the ships entering them. But the truth is, many unknown malware signatures will be missed by traditional solutions like AV. Plus, with the ever-moving nature of shipping and logistics, there’s hardly time to sandbox and quarantine suspicious files only to find more waiting to be inspected.

Votiro’s Zero Trust solution to data security removes the delays introduced by these other solutions by proactively thwarting malware (known and unknown) in just milliseconds while masking privacy risks in real-time. This means you can get ships in and out efficiently and never have to think twice about a file before opening it.

While other file security solutions resort to outright blocking files or simply converting them into PDFs… this leaves you with useless, albeit safe, files. But what good is that when you need all the functionality intact in order to do your job?

Votiro instantly sanitizes all incoming content—while retaining benign macros and other active content—to deliver full file fidelity and usability to those working in ports and shipping yards. This way, shipments continue on as normal and critical infrastructure remains secure.

  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

    Since integrating Votiro, the Company has almost completely eliminated the cyber risk from the hundreds of subsidiaries uploading malicious files into their cloud data warehouse. Votiro made it easy to maintain a high level of security and ensure digital interactions remain safe and secure.

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  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

    “We chose Votiro because of its unique concept and its known success in stopping any exploit from arriving through the email channel. The Votiro technology has really proved its worth for us.“

    CISO, Fortune 500 Bank
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    One Bank’s Success with Votiro for Email

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