Zero Trust Data Detection and Response (DDR).

Proactive, Real-Time Data Security ​
for Threat Prevention and Privacy Risks.

Data flows everywhere, making visibility and management an ever-evolving challenge for IT teams to keep up with. As a result, this allows malware and privacy risks to make their way into an organization and cause real, irreparable damage. All the while, alert fatigue sets in and SOCs are overwhelmed with false positives that lead to loss in productivity.

To make matters worse, the ability to prevent file-borne attacks and data compromises in real-time has proven inadequate using traditional security tools like AV and EDR alone.

Votiro solves this problem.

Why Votiro for real-time data security?

Votiro detects privacy risks in data, as well as known and unknown threats in content attempting to enter organizations, then proactively disarms the file before it ever reaches the endpoint.

Votiro delivers in-depth, actionable privacy and threat analytics as data flows in. This enables organizations to remain compliant and make the best decisions for their business, while proving efficacy.

Automatic threat mitigation (via sanitization and/or masking) allows IT teams to spend less time quarantining and blocking files, while reducing false positives. This equals less noise in the SOC.

From AV to EDR, DSPM to DLP, and a host of one-off solutions to varying security risks, today’s data security space has become fragmented.

Recognizing the multitude of market solutions that don’t work together – which has forced IT teams to learn and use a variety of platforms all at once – Votiro has chosen to augment current solutions so that organizations can reduce their risk surface and streamline tech stacks without adding to the noise.

Our Data Detection & Response platform tackles both sides of the data security coin so you don’t have to. That’s proactive threat detection and prevention plus real-time private data masking and compliance rolled into one seamless, easy-to-use solution.

Ransomware payouts continue to increase year over year – with breaches in the U.S. averaging $4.45 million. Without a proactive, zero trust solution in place to mitigate file-borne threats and privacy risks, it’s only a matter of when, not if, your organization will be affected. This is compounded by the large tech stacks that continue to leave behind vulnerabilities and gaps that threat actors can access and poison long before AV and EDR can even detect them.

Votiro’s Zero Trust solution for modern Data Security is a proactive – not reactive – approach that protects organizations before any damage can be done. Rather than spend time and resources on mitigation efforts and limiting reputational damage, our multi-faceted DDR platform stops malware threats and privacy risks while they’re still in motion.

  • Why Data Detection & Response is the Future of Data Security

    “DDR is an innovative approach to cybersecurity … safeguarding sensitive data and responding swiftly to potential threats … DDR offers a proactive strategy to protect valuable information.“

    Josh Breaker-Rolfe, IEEE Computer Society
  • Why Data Detection and Response is the Future of Data Security

    “By 2024, modern privacy regulation will blanket the majority of consumer data, but less than 10% of organizations will have successfully weaponized privacy as a competitive advantage.“

    2023 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit
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