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Votiro for
Microsoft 365 Email

Receive Safe Content for Secure Productivity

Votiro has a native API-based integration with Microsoft Office 365 to deliver safe email attachments, business-sensitive files, and digital archives to the productivity platform without any compromise. Through this integration, Votiro will protect enterprises against file-based attacks that grow more sophisticated every day.

How Votiro Secures O365 Email

Receive safe email attachments to any known email account.

Votiro cleans files that are password-protected and ensures safe delivery.

Don’t spend time manually scanning email attachments for threats.

Up to 85% of organizations using Microsoft 365 have experienced an email data compromise, and most of these attacks occur as a result of malicious content and weaponized files infiltrating employee inboxes.

Votiro removes all potential malware from incoming content and files – without the need to detect the malware first. Adopting Votiro along with the Microsoft O365 security suite eliminates the need for any additional layers of security in the path of users and applications interacting with files and email attachments. Security, IT teams, and end users will experience transparent security, devote less time to detection and costly investigation, and ultimately reduce the risk of enabling secure user productivity.

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