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Microsoft Teams

Collaboration without Question

Keep Your Team(s) Safe from File-borne Threats with Votiro

Thanks to its ability to facilitate collaboration across entire organizations, Microsoft Teams has become a popular vehicle for attackers to deliver malware. However, Microsoft’s basic protection is not enough to detect or block malware that’s delivered to employees via files – many of which are cleverly disguised in phishing attempts – or hidden in file types outside of Microsoft’s wheelhouse.

How Votiro Protects the Teams Experience

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Votiro works in the background to detect and prevent threats before they reach the endpoint.

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IT and SOCs can reduce alerts and false positives as Votiro mitigates threats in real-time.

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Zero Trust

No matter how many times a similar file attempts to enter, Votiro treats it as a zero-day.

A diagram of the Microsoft Teams Marchitecture when integrated with Votiro Cloud

Proactive. Automatic. Zero Trust Protection.

Votiro works seamlessly in the background to automatically sanitize over 180 file types delivered to your employees via MS Teams. With Votiro’s zero trust approach stopping malware at the gate, you can be sure that employees and third-party guests never open malicious attachments as they continue to collaborate.

Don’t Sacrifice Security for Productivity

You could block or quarantine every file coming in via Teams, but that would bring employee and IT productivity to a standstill. Votiro helps you strike the perfect balance between security and productivity by ensuring safe files are delivered to employees in real time while giving actionable threat analytics to the security team to let you know who was attacked, when the attack happened, and where it came from.

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