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How CDR Technology Stopped a Hospital Cyber Attack

November 23, 2020

ALYN Woldenberg Family Hospital (ALYN Hospital) is a Jerusalem-based rehabilitation center for physically challenged and disabled children, adolescents and young adults. ALYN’s holistic approach, incorporating the treatment of physical symptoms, as well as taking into account the emotional and communal needs of the children and their families, has proven itself throughout the eight decades since ALYN was first established.

On June 25th, an unsuspecting ALYN employee received an innocent-looking email with a subject line of “Confirmation of Payment.” If the attacker’s scheme had gone according to plan, as soon as the employee clicked to enable the macro, a malicious file would have been downloaded onto the victim’s machine. Thankfully, Votiro was providing email security services to ALYN. Download the case study to learn how we stopped this attack.

Download Case Study