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Threat Analytics

Prevention is just the beginning. To secure endpoints, IT teams must understand the threats they face – both from hidden malware and privacy risks.

The threat landscape is both complex and fast moving. As organizational footprints expand, so do the variety of attack vectors – leaving bad actors with new pathways to circumvent traditional security tools like AV and sandboxes. That’s why Votiro provides comprehensive threat analytics to empower security teams with the insights they need to respond efficiently, promptly, and prepare for future attacks.

Actionable insights. Real-time data. None of the noise.

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Why Votiro DDR for your threat analytics?

Rich channel, user, and file insights allow you to take actionable steps in threat prevention​

Votiro allows you to understand your risks by deep-diving into file objects and elements

Retrospective analytics highlight win-events, solution efficacy, and reduce alerts​

If a threat has reached your endpoint, mitigation is already too little, too late. That’s why Votiro incorporates external data sources and threat feeds into its comprehensive analytics dashboard to help teams identify and understand active attacks and privacy exposures. By analyzing these data streams, organizations can discern patterns and trends in cyber attacks, enabling them to anticipate and prepare for shifts in future attack methodologies.

The Threat Analytics dashboard gives SOC teams the actionable insights they need to efficiently and effectively investigate true positives. By focusing on accuracy and relevance, this comprehensive dashboard significantly reduces the number of false positives typically experienced by cybersecurity teams – a common challenge that can lead to alert fatigue and distract from genuine threats.

Votiro transcends the capabilities of traditional analytics commonly seen in antivirus software and sandboxing techniques. By focusing on a more granular level of analysis, Votiro’s unique approach is both proactive and preventative, allowing users to understand and counter threats and data privacy risks with a precision and depth that goes beyond the industry norms. And unlike other solutions that attempt to manage policies and processes for you, Votiro allows you to remain in control of your data security without adding more work.

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