The Meme-Guide to Security Compliance for Financial Institutions

Cover for "The Complete Meme-Guide to Security Compliance for Financial Institutions"

Financial Compliance Topics Include:

Understanding Security: Going Beyond Compliance in Financial Organizations

  • Risk-based Assessment
  • What Leads to Compliance Failures
  • The Direct Cost of Non-compliance
  • Hidden Threats and How to Stop Them

The Risks of Non-Compliance as a Publicly Traded Company: Sarbanes-Oxley Penalties and Hidden Threats

  • The Risks of Non-Compliance with SOX
  • Using an Effective Strategy

For Financial Institutions: Conquering GLBA Compliance and Hidden Threats with CDR

  • All About GLBA
  • The 3 Components GLBA is Founded On

Ensuring PCI-DSS Compliance Amidst Hidden Threats

  • How PCI-DSS Stands Out from Other Mandates
  • The Legal Side of PCI-DSS
  • Common Threats to PCI-DSS

Improving Compliance and Preventing Breaches with Votiro’s Zero Trust DDR

  • Integration with Existing Architectures
  • And More

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