Votiro for
File Transfers

Transfer files, not threats. Secure files via
FTPS, SFTP, and SMB with Votiro.

Votiro prevents hidden threats inside of incoming documents at-scale. Our open-API integrates seamlessly with existing technologies to prevent both known and unknown threats from reaching endpoints during file transfers–without slowing down automated processes or business productivity.

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Why Votiro for your file transfer needs?

Zero training required

Seamless integrations with everything

Works in cloud and on-premise

Implementation in as fast as 10 minutes

Votiro adopts a zero-trust approach to file security wherever the files come from. When it comes to file transfer, you need to be sure that the files you’re receiving are malware-free. Our patented Positive Selection® technology sanitizes once they hit the FTPS, SFTP, SMB, and local folders. We clean the files of known and unknown threats before they reach their destination, and only allow known-good elements to reach the endpoint.

You want to be sure that all digital transfers and files are free of malicious elements. You want to be certain that even the most evasive malware won’t make it through, and all files are verified as safe as they enter your organization. With so many files zipping back and forth, you don’t want to have to think twice before your organization accepts or opens a file.

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