Votiro for
Privacy and Compliance

Remain compliant and reduce privacy risks that can cost you time, money, and brand reputation.​

Simply reacting to a data privacy breach isn’t good enough. With highly-sensitive information at stake – as well as customer trust – being proactive about data security is the only path forward. However, current solutions tend to leave gaps and never quite fix the problem at hand. That’s why, at Votiro, we believe it’s time for the data security market to evolve.

In the age of never-ending breaches, data privacy matters. Votiro keeps it safe.

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Why Votiro DDR for privacy and compliance?

Votiro monitors all content in-motion for sensitive information, allowing you to better understand your risk surface.​

Votiro helps you remain compliant to various regulations by keeping you informed about security risks from PII, PHI, PCI, etc.​

Votiro proactively mitigates private data risks by quickly identifying highly targeted channels, apps, users, and more.​

With Votiro, you can dive into how hidden threats in files and shared data often bypass traditional security measures and pose significant risks – as well as non-compliance. By unifying your efforts with Votiro’s multi-faceted approach to data security, the benefits are clear: improved threat visibility, simplified management and control, and enhanced security efficacy.

Businesses have numerous data protection and privacy regulations they must comply with in order to avoid expensive consequences. This includes, but is not limited to, different countries and regions with their own data protection laws, like the GDPR in the EU, CCPA in California, and HIPAA in the healthcare sector in the United States.

Votiro helps you maintain an always-compliant posture, so you never have to scramble before and after an audit ever again.

To remain compliant with financial, healthcare, and other industry regulations, organizations must adhere to specific standards for data security and encryption. However, implementing and maintaining these security measures requires significant resources and expertise. With Votiro, you get access to a single, automated solution that allows IT to see the risks they’re facing in real-time, take control of their policies, and prepare for the future.

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