International Shipping Company Secures Cloud Infrastructure with Votiro

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This global shipping company, headquartered in Europe, is involved in ocean and inland freight transportation, supply chain management, and port operations. This company has been a major player in the global container shipping industry for decades.

The Challenges

As one of the largest Microsoft Azure customers, the company faced unique challenges in ensuring the security of its vast cloud infrastructure. The company’s more than 800 subsidiaries upload business operation files via APIs to a centralized cloud data warehouse. Their lack of a content protection solution left them vulnerable to file-borne threats uploaded into the data warehouse. These threats could compromise the applications and data stored in the Azure infrastructure.

Additionally, the company needed a solution that could scale automatically to handle the necessary volume without impeding the business or sacrificing the quality of content.

The Solution: Votiro

One of Votiro’s most significant benefits is its frictionless protection. With Votiro, the company’s operations are nearly seamless, with virtually zero maintenance or security interventions. The Votiro solution operates in the background, ensuring the security and safety of all files without interrupting business operations.

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