Votiro Cloud for Email

Secure every email that enters your organization.

Email is the most popular target for malicious attacks

Email is so essential to work, most people use it without thinking. Hackers easily exploit this by targeting your employees with malicious files where they least suspect. Unfortunately, current solutions aren’t designed to catch every threat, leaving you one click away from disaster.

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Votiro for Email

Make Emails & Attachments Safe With Positive Selection

Votiro Cloud singles out only the elements of emails and attachment content known to be fully secure. Now employees can open emails and file attachments with peace of mind, and without any delays or disruptions to business.

100% Secure Files.


Defend all
emails & attachments

Protects the entire email channel from malicious threats, ensuring your email is 100% safe

Protect every email
without blocking access

See the emails you need right away, without waiting for IT middle-men to unblock access

Be more productive
with zero interruptions

Runs invisibly in the background, with virtually no latency

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Quick Implementation:
As fast as 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration:
With existing solutions

Simple to Use:
Zero training required

Works Your Way:
Both Cloud & On-Prem

We know file security.

In an ever-changing threat landscape, today’s email security solutions simply aren’t enough. NGAVs can’t keep up with advanced threats and zero-day exploits, while sandboxes aren’t securing us from even basic threats. With Votiro’s deep understanding in file composition and weaponization, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to file security. One that doesn’t just block any threat it finds – it eliminates threats from entering in the first place. With Votiro, files no longer pose a threat to your business.