Frequently Asked Questions: Votiro Secure File Gateway

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1. Why Votiro?

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway is the only file security solution that ensures all files that enter your organization are 100% safe.

2. What does Votiro’s Secure File Gateway specialize in?

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway powered by its revolutionary Positive Selection® technology guarantees complete protection from weaponized files. Votiro’s innovative approach to file security works seamlessly, completely eliminating threats while ensuring zero interruption to business operations.

3. What is Positive Selection®?

Positive Selection® is Votiro’s patented technology and engine to its Secure File Gateway platforms. Unlike detection-based file security solutions that scan for suspicious elements and block some malicious files and miss others, Positive Selection automatically rebuilds every single file, thus delivering 100% safe content, without the need to detect malicious elements. Positive Selection technology doesn’t try to just block any threat it could find – it eliminates the threats from entering in the first place.

4. What solutions does Votiro offer?

Votiro Secure File Gateway solutions ensure completely secure files, no matter the source:
Secure File Gateway for Email: Completely secures every email that enters an organization.
Secure File Gateway for Web Applications: Secures all file uploads and ensures all files received are completely risk-free.
Secure File Gateway for Web Downloads: Secures everything employees download, no matter what it is or where it came from.

5. How does Votiro differ from competitors?

In an ever-changing threat landscape, today’s solutions simply aren’t enough. NG and NGAVs can’t keep up with undisclosed threats and zero-day exploits, while sandboxes aren’t securing organizations from even basic threats and pose a high maintenance burden. With our deep understanding in file composition and weaponization, we developed an entirely new approach to file security. One that doesn’t block threat it finds – rather, our technology eliminates threats from entering in the first place by sanitizing the files and getting rid of all potential risk. With Votiro, files files simply no longer pose a threat to your organization.

6. How does Votiro’s Secure File Gateway benefit organizations?

• Provides the same content, while getting rid of all potential risk. Your file remains 100% authentic and functional, yet 0% dangerous
• Maximizes productivity with zero interruption to business processes
• Integrates easily into your existing security infrastructure
• Runs at sub-second latency and minimal TCO
• Reduces Alert Fatigue by eliminating frustrating false positives
• Allows your team to focus on X and not on noise or responding to alerts

7. How much latency is caused by Votiro’s Secure File Gateway?

Sanitization happens in real-time, in milliseconds, and is completely transparent to end users.

8. Does Votiro’s Secure File Gateway need to be installed on each employee’s computer?

No. Votiro’s Secure File Gateway solutions are agentless, so your end users are none the wiser.

9. How is Votiro Secure File Gateway deployed?

Votiro Secure File Gateway can be deployed on-prem in VMware, or in the Cloud in AWS or Azure (in your environment) or as a SaaS (in our environment).

10. Which file types does Votiro’s Secure File Gateway support and how updated does Votiro stay with popular file types?

Built with deep expertise in the architecture of every file format, the Secure File Gateway understands and protects all file types — from .ppt, docs, pdfs and image files, all the way to more complex formats like Autodesk files. With Secure File Gateway you’re covered from even the most obscure, challenging file types that no NGAV or Sandbox can possibly detect, including password-protected and zipped files.

Votiro partners with the vendors of its supported files, and as their RFC standard changes, Votiro remains up to date with the changes. Votiro is proactive on getting the new standards before the format is released to the public.

11. Can Votiro’s Secure File Gateway sanitize password-protected files?

Absolutely. We have an interactive workflow that secures password protected files.

12. Can Votiro’s Secure File Gateway sanitize zipped files?

Yes! Zipped files are sanitized of all hidden threats.

13. With respect to implementation of the solution, how does your solution work with other security products, such as Proofpoint?

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway can be installed in-line with other security products. It plays and integrates well with other tools used by organizations. Our technology can be utilized as a standalone protection strategy or can be layered into a company’s security portfolio.

14. Does Votiro work with web isolation tools?

Absolutely! We can natively protect our customers from web downloads through our solution, or our Secure File Gateway can be used in conjunction with our customer’s web isolation tools.

As a matter of fact, we have a partnership with Broadcom/Symantec, where we integrate with their Bluecoat Fireglass web isolation solution.

15. Are there specific things that you would advise against/or for with the implementation of your tool?

Not at all. Our implementation process is straightforward and simple enough to be completed in 90 minutes. Votiro provides a white-glove service by installing the Secure File Gateway for you and providing any technical expertise you may need.

16. How would your solution protect us from a user clicking a link in an email that has malicious content that may not be detected by antivirus software or scanning tools?

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway has built in malicious link exploit identification. If a link is pointing to a malicious website, Votiro will check the link against our scoring system and determine whether the link should be removed or not. This scoring not only happens in email, it also works in attached files such as PDFs or Microsoft Office documents as well.

17. How would your solution protect us from a user opening an email attachment that has malicious content that may not have been detected by an antivirus or scanning tool?

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway sanitizes every file type, ensuring it is 100% clean of any threat, while keeping the functionality of the file fully intact. Our Positive Selection™ process neutralizes email attachments in milliseconds, ensuring that no matter which attachment a user clicks on, it will be 100% safe to open.

Votiro’s patented technology can also identify and neutralize known or unknown file-borne threats that antivirus and next-gen antivirus would normally miss.

18. How does your solution integrate with BYOD or mobile phone solutions?

Since Votiro sanitizes data in motion before the user receives the data, it does not matter if they are using their own device.

19. Would Votiro be complementary to vendors such as Palo Alto, ZScaler, or Proofpoint?

Yes, Votiro can be utilized as a complementary solution to ensure no malicious files ever enter your organization.

20. What is the licensing model for Votiro’s Secure File Gateway?

Our Secure File Gateway is offered as an annual/multi-year subscription. Depending on the actual integration, our licensing can either be procured by user count or consumption.

21. Does Votiro provide an evaluation license?

Yes, we offer a limited-time POC hosted in your environment on-premise. This POC is implemented as a white-glove service and supported by Votiro’s engineers to ensure success.

22. Do you change the digital signature of the original file?

Yes, the bits and bytes of the file are changed by the Votiro process, which causes changes to the hash while keeping the file content intact. This process ensures that no threats can get through using the file or content template. However, the sanitized file undergoes a thorough process to ensure that the fidelity and functionality remain. The Votiro product maintains the original file in the system for a specified period, and after that timeframe, it is removed.