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Don’t Compromise When Downloading Content from the Web.

Votiro and Menlo Security have partnered to provide a total security solution for web downloads. This combined solution allows employees to surf the internet and download, click, open, and edit any files from the web without risk of breach.

Better Together: Votiro & Menlo

Safely download files in native format from the internet.

Protects against malicious files that are intentionally or unintentionally downloaded.

Don’t waste time manually scanning downloaded files from the web.

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) technology mitigates the risk of malware by protecting your browser. However, employees also need the ability to download content from the web—and in many cases use it in its original format. Votiro allows your team to do just this.

Integrating Votiro into Menlo Security’s Global Cloud Proxy with an Isolation Core™ provides a total security solution for web downloads. This is achieved by isolating content in a remote environment prior to sanitizing the files with Votiro’s Positive Selection® technology, ensuring files downloaded present no threat. Votiro’s solution goes beyond the limited, detection-based approach of searching for malware and blocking some files with suspicious content. The focus is on safe content, not on threats— which results in not having to block files or productivity.

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