The Biggest Cyber Threat to Healthcare Insurance Companies in 2021

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Every incoming file is a risk for health insurance companies. From a benefit claim sent from a hospital to an approval application uploaded from a patient all the way to a report sent from the CEO’s home computer – there is essentially no such thing as a safe file. Because health insurance companies must remain compliant with current regulations for the handling and transferring of digital files, as well as provide better service for a growing sector of the population through digital transactions, their exposure to malicious incoming files from multiple sources has substantially expanded their cyber-attack surface.

Now health insurance companies grapple with the most sophisticated file-borne threats ever seen, armed only with existing security solutions that fail to stop these attacks and outdated or irrelevant protocols.

This eBook illustrates the file-borne risk that health insurance companies face due to the tight connection these companies have with medical institutions and the immense number of files shared and transferred between the groups. Additionally, this eBook:

  • Illustrates the file-borne threat crisis facing health insurance companies
  • Explains why current security systems and industry regulations fail to adequately meet this sophisticated threat
  • Overviews what measures can be taken to guard against it without investing further in security infrastructure

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