Votiro Raises $4 Million to Neutralize Zero-Day Threats With CDR Tech

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Votiro announced today the completion of a $4 million financing round led exclusively by Redfield Asset Management. The capital will be used to expand Votiro’s team and continue the rapid growth of the Company’s patented solutions and product portfolio. As part of the investment, Mr. Wrix Gasteen will join Votiro’s board as Executive Director, Asia Pacific based in Singapore.

With the sophisticated nature of today’s cyber attacks, secure email gateway solutions struggle to properly protect organizations from malicious email. Most cybersecurity solutions are designed to combat known threats, but when unknown threats—such as zero-day or undisclosed exploits—penetrate an enterprise’s network, the cost and the harm to the company’s reputation can be devastating.

By disarming threats in all files attached to incoming email messages, Votiro’s neutralization technology prevents zero-day exploits from penetrating an organization’s network. To neutralize unknown and zero-day threats, Votiro processes all attachments and removes all active code. The cleansed attachments, which preserve the integrity and functionality of the original files, can then safely continue on to the organization’s email server.

“With sandbox security solutions easily evaded, the need for an innovative and signature-less security solution has never been more crucial,” said Itay Glick, CEO and co-founder of Votiro. “This new capital will enable us to continue strengthening our offering and expanding our global reach in strategic markets.”

Mr. Gasteen has worked with several high-growth companies, serving as chief executive officer of Asia Pacific organizations with an annual turnover of billions of dollars. “Votiro’s offering is unique in the market, and I am glad to be joining the company,” said Gasteen. “This high-growth market presents a substantial opportunity for Votiro.”

“We believe that as cyber attacks increase, Votiro’s comprehensive and easy-to-deploy technology, which addresses a major security gap, is becoming a must in any company’s cybersecurity strategy,” said Gaelan Bloomfield, managing director of Redfield Asset Management. “Votiro has a strong, innovative and very talented team.”

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