How Votiro Shielded ALYN Hospital from a Potentially Devastating Attack

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Every cyberattack is a disaster in its own way, but cyber threats that disrupt the critical services provided by healthcare facilities are especially dangerous. ALYN Woldenberg Family Hospital, a rehabilitation center dedicated to physically challenged and disabled children and young adults, found itself facing such a threat.

Here’s a quick look at how ALYN Hospital and Votiro joined forces to tackle this challenge, as shared in our full customer story:

The Threat

  • A cunning malware attack was initiated via an innocuous-looking email, purportedly from Hound Solutions, sent to an ALYN Hospital employee.
  • This email contained a Word document with a malicious macro code, cleverly designed to bypass the organization’s sandbox and evade detection.
  • The malware payload was concealed within an ActiveX control button and was programmed to launch automatically when the document was closed.

The Solution: Votiro

After an extensive evaluation, ALYN Hospital decided to partner with Votiro to safeguard its network from file-borne threats.

With Votiro’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, there was no need for the malicious code to be a known threat or for the sandbox to address the malware. Instead, every file was assumed to be malicious and sanitized appropriately, therefore ensuring no weaponized content.

The Outcome

  • Before the employee even opened the attachment and enabled the macro, the embedded threat was automatically neutralized by Votiro – preventing it from impacting the hospital and its operations.
  • The malicious macro was removed from the document, leaving a completely sanitized file, free from any threats.

Why Votiro?

Unlike other security solutions that only identify and block some malicious files, Votiro’s revolutionary technology only builds the safe elements of each file into a new, clean template. This unique approach ensures that every file entering the organization is safe, without compromising on file functionality or usability.

Want to learn more about how Votiro and ALYN Hospital staved off a potentially disastrous malware attack? Read our full customer story to explore the details.

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