Webinar Retrospective: How AI & ML are Leveraging the Good in Cybersecurity

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The landscape of cybersecurity is ever-evolving, and with the proliferation of cyber-attacks, there’s a pressing need to find innovative solutions. One of the most promising solutions lies in the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). During a webinar with Votiro’s VP of Product Management, Eric Avigdor, and Founder & CTO, Aviv Grafi, enlightening insights were shared about how AI and ML are paving the way for more resilient cybersecurity systems. 

You can watch the webinar here! Or, read on for some key takeaways:

The Current Challenges in Cybersecurity

Zero-Day Dilemma: With an increasing number of zero-day attacks, there’s a dire need to address these vulnerabilities without compromising productivity. (01:25 – 04:16)

Overwhelming Alert Systems: The current state of cybersecurity is such that there are numerous systems generating countless alerts, leading to false positives and “alert fatigue.” This often results in burnout among security personnel and challenges in managing these alerts effectively. (06:53- 07:50)

Trends in AI & ML Application

Increasing Prioritization: Many companies are giving precedence to AI and ML projects, even over some cybersecurity projects. These technologies are primarily being used for customer experience enhancements and process automation. (08:16 -10:02)

Cybersecurity & AI/ML: There are numerous AI and ML projects ongoing in the cybersecurity space. The challenge, however, is that as AI tools become more accessible, even cybercriminals are leveraging them. Phishing emails, for instance, have become more sophisticated with AI, making them harder to detect. (12:15 – 14:56)

Leveraging AI for Good in Cybersecurity

Understanding Threats Better: Instead of just looking for malicious elements, there’s a shift towards understanding what safe elements look like. By recognizing safe patterns, it becomes easier to detect anomalies and potential threats. (33:05 – 36:50)

Enhancing Security Processes with AI: The three main areas of AI application today are consumer AI, security AI, and enterprise AI. By improving security processes, there’s potential to counteract the sophisticated techniques being adopted by cybercriminals. (24:53-26:15)

Ensuring Safe AI Implementation

Training Data Integrity: As companies gather data to train AI models, there’s a risk of this data being compromised. It’s essential to ensure the data’s safety and verify that it doesn’t contain malware or privacy threats. (30:02 – 32:35)

Shared Responsibility Model: With the introduction of models like Gartner’s TRSM (Trust, Risk, and Security Management for AI platforms), there’s a push towards a cooperative approach between vendors and enterprises to ensure data safety. (26:40-30:00)

The Role of Votiro in Cybersecurity During the AI Age

Data Sanitization: Votiro focuses on sanitizing files from malware and, in the near future, privacy threats. This ensures that any data used for training AI models is secure from both perspectives. (38:26-40:33)

Flipping the Problem: Instead of constantly chasing after malicious elements, Votiro is looking to understand what constitutes safe data, especially in the realm of macros. By recognizing safe patterns, the detection of threats becomes more effective.  (37:35-38:25)

While AI and ML hold tremendous potential for enhancing cybersecurity, it’s crucial to approach their integration thoughtfully and safely. As cyber threats grow in sophistication, leveraging these technologies for good becomes not just advantageous, but essential.

To learn how Votiro combats the rise of AI-enabled threats and leverages ML to increase the security posture of organizations around the globe, feel free to schedule a demo with one of our team members.

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