FileCloud + Votiro: Revolutionizing File Security and Collaboration

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In an era where modern business moves fast, driven by the need for constant connectivity and rapid growth, organizations need more advanced and adaptive cybersecurity strategies to stay ahead, including innovative partnerships like FileCloud and Votiro.

A Better Way

Core to the modern business environment is cloud technologies, which enable rapid development and easy scalability without requiring massive upfront investments in hardware. According to IBM research, 81% of organizations suffered a cloud security breach in 2022, which is not insignificant considering the average cost of $4.45 million per incident. 

This problem is exacerbated by the massive quantities of data organizations ingest from external sources to drive operations and analytics, powered by massive data sets leveraging AI and ML. Traditional security solutions, such as antivirus software and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems, are no longer enough. They fail to adapt to these new environments and adapt to evolving cyberattacks. 

FileCloud and Votiro are two pioneering entities in cybersecurity joining forces to tackle this challenge head-on. Their partnership brings a significant advancement in the field, focusing on enabling users to upload data securely while safeguarding it from concealed malicious threats. This collaborative effort directly confronts the increasing risks and financial implications of data breaches, with a particular emphasis on fortifying file security. This collaboration is more than merging technologies; it represents a shared vision and commitment to evolving cybersecurity strategies, aiming to create a more secure digital environment for businesses and individuals.

Understanding FileCloud’s Role

FileCloud is a vital player in secure enterprise file-sharing and content collaboration. Employees can easily upload content into FileCloud, where its robust security features, including advanced encryption and comprehensive access controls, cater to the rigorous compliance demands of modern businesses. These features are complemented by intuitive access options and seamless integration with numerous cloud applications, ensuring security and ease of use.

Votiro’s Leading Technology

Votiro is a leader in file security, eliminating threats in files with a combination of antivirus (AV) and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR). This approach detects threats, analyzes them, and then sanitizes them by extracting only their safe elements, effectively disarming potential threats, including the most elusive zero-day attacks. These cyber-threats exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities, often bypassing traditional security measures. 

Synergies of the Partnership

The strategic partnership between FileCloud and Votiro melds their respective strengths, creating a formidable solution in file security. By integrating Votiro’s advanced CDR technology into FileCloud’s comprehensive file-sharing platform, this allows users easy collaboration benefits while significantly enhancing protection against a spectrum of file-borne threats. All while ensuring scalability and a seamless user experience. 

Votiro’s commitment to a zero-trust security model aligns perfectly with FileCloud’s layered security approach and compliance capabilities, where each file undergoes meticulous scrutiny and reconstruction. This collaboration fortifies data security and aligns with stringent global privacy laws, offering robust solutions to healthcare, insurance, legal, and similar sectors where data security is paramount.

Key Benefits

One of the most significant advantages of this partnership is the enhanced security measures, including real-time file sanitization and robust protection against sophisticated threats, such as image steganography attacks. 

With the massive volumes of data traversing organizations, the solution’s scalability is also crucial. Votiro adapts to varying traffic volumes, ensuring consistent performance and security regardless of demand. This protection is further reinforced by the combined commitment to Zero Trust principles, a critical aspect of modern cybersecurity that treats all files with a baseline level of suspicion, thereby significantly bolstering an organization’s defense against emerging cyber threats.

Stronger Together

Votiro and FileCloud bring the best of both worlds with file security and safe collaboration. By integrating directly with FileCloud via API, Votiro analyzes data uploaded by users and sanitizes it to eliminate hidden threats. As all data is automatically protected by Votiro, FileCloud users gain protection without taking any additional steps. This Zero Trust approach helps ensure that data uploaded to FileCloud does not rapidly propagate threats throughout the organization. 

Contact us today to learn how Votiro and FileCloud can enhance your organization with rapid collaboration and built-in file security. Read more about it in our press release.

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