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How It Works

Welcome to the new world of Zero Trust.

Our patented Positive Selection® technology is the first of its kind, ensuring Zero Trust data security in every file entering and leaving your systems. Best of all, it happens in real time without ever interrupting your productivity. Now, you can work efficiently, confidently, and safer than ever.

Votiro’s Positive Selection® Technology


Step 1

Unsafe/untrusted file is received with potential privacy and security risks


Step 2

File is automatically dissected into content, objects, and templates


Step 3

File content is rebuilt on top of known-safe templates – masking sensitive info and removing any potential malware


Step 4

100% safe, fully functional, and compliant file is delivered to endpoint and users

Votiro pioneered Zero Trust Content Security. Today, we go beyond existing solutions to provide the very best in threat prevention and data security.

We stop file-borne threats by ensuring every file is examined and sanitized, no matter what.

NG Antivirus

Predictions based on a signature-based list or collaborative database, which leaves room for zero day threats to breach your endpoints.


Virtualization aimed at
predicting outbreaks, but can slow down productivity and still allow some malware to sneak through.


Solution that highlights threats that have reached the endpoint and alerts for after-the-fact mitigation – which is far too late for true protection.


Votiro Solutions

Content is everywhere.
So is our Zero Trust protection.

See how Votiro protects your data in real-time.

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