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A reactive stance to data security isn’t just not good enough, it’s just not good. The data security market today must evolve for the modern workplace. Data is constantly in motion; fragmented cybersecurity technology stacks leave gaps the result in data privacy noncompliance.

The legacy tools that are deployed provide visibility into static data and provide information on what must be remediated for audits, but organizations need to move beyond visibility into real-time enforcement and mitigation. You need to be compliant all the time – not just when you need to pass an audit.  

Votiro CEO, Ravi Srinivasan sits down with TAG Cyber’s Ed Amoroso and Dave Neuman, former CISO of Rackspace, to discuss solutions for the top security and compliance concerns for 2024.

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Primary Takeaways

not just when it’s static

to real-time mitigation

Annual audits aren’t enough

Over 75 years of experience in Cyber Security.

Ravi Srinivasan

David Neuman