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Cleanse Any External Files before Entering your Internal Network



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Advanced CDR Protection for Secure File Transfer and Safe Communication

Votiro Disarmer for file transfer disarms known and unknown file threats coming from the external network before they enter your internal network. Designated to work in a complete network separation environment, Votiro Disarmer for file transfer automates the file sharing process and sanitizes files from any zero-day threats on local or remote servers, using our patented CDR technology. The data is then replicated to the internal server for safe use.

A Proven, Certified Protection

Used worldwide by governments, banks, defense agencies, pharmaceuticals and critical infrastructure companies, Votiro Disarmer is a Gartner Cool Vendor award winner, and certified by the international standard of Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408).

Integrates with any Existing File Server

Votiro Disarmer for file transfer can connect to FTP, SMB, FTPS or local folders on the server. The Disarmer for file transfer draws files from local or remote folders, disarming the files using the engine’s CDR protection, and sending them to an internal designated folder.

Quick to Start, Easy-to-Use

Simply install the Disarmer’s file connector on any file server, and get started. The files are then automatically disarmed, reconstructed and sent to local or remote folders, now safe to open and edit.

No Workflow Disruptions

The files shared across your organization should be completely secure with no hidden threats, without compromising on productivity and seamless work process. Votiro Disarmer for file transfer provides just that, with entirely invisible protection to users, in less than a second.

Increased Productivity Features

  • Seamless integration with any existing file servers and data sharing
  • Supports network separation architecture
  • Scalable deployment
  • Future proof protection
  • Low TCO and easy maintenance
  • Zero latency
  • Allows organization policies according to file type, size, or department.

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