Secure File Gateway For Web Applications

Secure all file uploads and receive documents completely risk-free

How It Works

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1

Web Portal

Step 2

Secure File Gateway
for Web Applications with
Positive Selection Engine

Step 3

Inbound File

Document Uploads

Can Come from Anywhere

Whether it’s contracts, claims or applications, accepting uploaded files from the web is necessary for your business to run. But there’s no telling where these files came from, or what threats could be hiding inside them. Today’s detection-based tools simply aren’t designed to catch every threat, which means one dangerous upload could mean a major disaster for your business.

Votiro for Web Applications

Secure 100% of Uploads With Positive Selection

Secure File Gateway singles out only the elements of files known to be fully secure, guaranteeing each and every upload is 100% safe. Now you can accept every upload without ever wondering if you are exposing your business to risk.

100% Secure Files.


Know every upload
is completely safe

Ensures every uploaded file is harmless before it enters your organization

Be more productive
with zero interruptions

Works without any latency, protecting files invisibly in the background

Protect your
bottom line

Prevents the potential loss of revenue 
due to losing business-critical files

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Easy Implementation:
Less Than 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration
With Existing Solutions

Zero training required

Supports Both
Cloud & On-Prem

We know files.

In an ever-changing threat landscape, today’s solutions simply aren’t enough. NGAVs can’t keep up with undisclosed threats and zero-day exploits, while sandboxes aren’t securing us from even basic threats. With our deep understanding in file composition and weaponization, we developed an entirely new approach to file security. One that doesn’t just block any threat it could find – it eliminates threats from entering in the first place. With Votiro, files simply don’t pose a threat to your business anymore.