Identify Previously Unknown Threats with RetroScan

Reveal Hidden Threats After You Block Them

Votiro prevents hidden threats inside of incoming documents at scale. With RetroScan, you not only get a clean file, but you can also identify what those hidden threats were after the file has been sanitized.

You Already Know Every File Is Safe. Now Know What Attacks You Prevented.

Votiro’s Positive Selection® Technology only lets in known-good elements of incoming files. This ensures that every file you receive is safe and malware-free. With RetroScan, Votiro reviews all sanitized files for any previously unknown threats. This gives your team information on which malware attacks were prevented.

Learn About The Threats That Reach Your Environment

Over 70% of malware attacks will be missed by detection-based solutions in real-time.

Votiro applies zero-trust concepts to file security and doesn’t let any unknown elements into your environment. We block the attacks that would have been missed by other solutions like AV, NGAV, email gateways, sandboxes, and more – without flattening files or slowing productivity. At increments of 7, 14, and 28 days, Votiro checks all sanitized files against our internal AV to identify any threats that we previously blocked.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“Because of Votiro, we can safely allow downloads. I think about 70% of the files we wanted to download weren’t allowed with our previous vendor. Votiro gave us the greatest flexibility in file downloading throughout our organization.”

ALYN Children's Hospital

Prove The Value of Security

With RetroScan, you will receive reports notifying you exactly how many threats were prevented and what they were. This threat intelligence will enable your team to show the value of investing in security to protect the business – especially if the previously unknown variants were used in quantifiable ransomware attacks.

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Easy Implementation:
Less Than 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration
With Existing Solutions

Zero training required

Supports Both
Cloud & On-Prem