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Scalable CDRaaS for Dynamic File Processing Volumes

February 10, 2022

For companies that handle large file processing volumes, any disruption to file throughput can impact revenue generation activities. For these companies, productivity is paramount…and often even trumps security.

Traditional File Security Slows Throughput

Traditional security solutions operate by blocking files that are suspected to be malicious, on top of those that are deemed “unscannable.” This slows file flow and negatively impacts productivity, as users’ work is halted and the security team must waste time unblocking or manually checking files. With Votiro, we’ve taken a zero trust approach to file security that enables the continuous flow of safe files, documents, and data, regardless of the channel files enter on.

Votiro’s scalable, flexible Content Disarm and Reconstruction as a Service (CDRaaS) technology proactively cleanses all incoming files of hidden known and unknown malware without impacting file processing, fidelity, or the user experience. Votiro’s open API integrates into any existing security technology stack and is built to sanitize files at immense speed and scale.

Cloud with Votiro with arrows points towards and away from it underneath pointing to major apps compatible with votiro APIs, such as google, slack, office 365, salesforce, AWS - Votiro

Votiro’s open API integrates into any existing security technology stack and is built to sanitize files at immense speed and scale.

CDR: The Last Mile of Zero Trust

Zero Trust has been a buzzword for years, but little attention has been paid to how Zero Trust applies to data. This is surprising, given that the seamless and continuous flow of data in an organization powers the revenue of a company. Because Votiro assumes all incoming files are malicious, and proactively sanitizes them, you can trust that files and documents are safe as they cross network boundaries and touch different apps, environments, and people inside your organization.

How File Sanitization Works

Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology rebuilds documents, copying only the known-good, positively selected content onto new file templates, ensuring only the safe template elements remain in the final, delivered document. Malware – both known and unknown – is left behind.

visual step by step guide of how votiro cdr file sanitization works

The Votiro process moves only known-good content onto clean file templates, leaving malware behind.

High Volume File Sanitization for Business-Critical Environments

Votiro removes malicious content without creating false positives, without wasting time on investigative alerts, and without stopping the business. Key features include:

Scalability – Built with scalability in mind, Votiro Cloud adapts to the sanitization needs for very large, global enterprise deployments

Performance – Votiro’s Zero Trust CDRaaS API is near real-time for typical office documents and extremely fast for larger files (Gigabytes)

Breadth – Votiro supports the most amount of files (including macros, password-protected files, and active content) in the industry

Support – We also provide a policy-driven platform supported by global industry experts 24/7

Flexibility – As an API, Votiro fits into existing technology environments, and can integrate with almost any existing file flow

How Votiro Scales to Protect Dynamic File Volumes

Based on the throughput of the files to be sanitized, the Votiro SaaS engine dynamically allocates compute resources to match performance requirements to deliver files at near-real-time. Powered by auto-scaling microservices within Kubernetes clusters, Votiro’s CDR capabilities scale according to a customer’s file processing needs.

Whether a company is sanitizing 100 or 100,000 files per hour, Votiro is able to deliver safe files in milliseconds to their end destination. Votiro manages and monitors the SaaS environment for optimum usage of resources.

flow chart computers, networks, file sanitization showing votiro cloud scalability for cdr security

A look inside the Votiro Cloud

Scalable & Available Cloud-Based Architecture

Fast ultra-low latency – there is no material time impact to end users receiving emails and files through SFG as a SaaS in the Cloud.

High availability server clusters monitored 24×7 by experts enable continuous SFG service.

Scalable futureproof deployment is supported, enabling you to easily increase the use of the SFG as your organization grows. Votiro scales to your needs, infinitely, and on-demand.

To learn more about Votiro’s Scalable CDR Solution, schedule a demo today!

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