Votiro and Menlo Security Partner to Provide Total File Security Solution

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Integration to enhance Isolation capabilities through Positive Selection® to ensure web content can be downloaded without risk

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 18, 2021 – Votiro, a global leader in Positive Selection® technology, announced a partnership with Menlo Security, a cloud security leader, to provide a total security solution for file downloads. Menlo Security’s Isolation Powered Cloud Security Platform seamlessly integrates with Votiro’s Cloud for Web Downloads API. Through the partnership, employees are empowered to safely download content from the web without compromising on security, productivity, or file fidelity—whether on-site or practicing remote work.

Votiro Cloud enables 100 percent safe file downloads, singling out and allowing through only the elements of files known to be valid and fully secure—regardless of where they are downloaded from. When integrated with the Menlo Security Platform users have a secure, air-gapped way to view web content and documents while mitigating the risk of malware because the browser is protected. As a result, content is seamlessly downloaded without slowing down operations and with decreased risk of breaches.

Through this partnership, Votiro and Menlo Security provide a zero trust approach to file downloads. Users can safely download files in native formats from the internet and only allow safe content through. Many attacks originate from malicious links and files targeting enterprise end users via email; these threats are stopped with the joint solution. Along with these security benefits, organizations can save time for end users and improve productivity through a safe, instant-download web experience—as other organizations struggle to unblock or remove files using other solutions that require quarantine.

“Traditional detect-and-disarm technologies don’t provide sufficient protection. Fortunately, Votiro’s Cloud for Web Downloads API fully sanitizes all content downloaded from the web, of both known and unknown threats,” said Aviv Grafi, CEO and founder of Votiro. “We are thrilled to partner with Menlo Security to provide a solution that not only allows employees to safely download web content on enterprise devices and servers, but also mitigates the risk of malware infection while viewing and engaging with web content—wherever employees are surfing the web.”

“At Menlo Security, we believe that using the internet should be safe, seamless, and effective so every day we strive to fully secure the ways people work,” said Nick Edwards, Vice President, Product Management of Menlo Security, “Together with Votiro, we are enabling customers to maintain the security of enterprise environments from file-borne threats, without impacting operational workflows or employee productivity.”

Votiro’s Positive Selection® approach goes beyond the limited, detection-based method of searching for malware, matching hashes against outdated databases, and blocking some files with questionable content. The combination of Votiro’s Cloud for Web Browser API and Menlo Security’s Secure Web Gateway provides a practical and comprehensive solution to meet enterprise needs in the current security climate. To learn more about the solution, visit Votiro at https://votiro.com/partners/menlo-security/ and Menlo Security at https://www.menlosecurity.com/isolation-platform.

About Votiro

Founded in 2012 by leading file security experts, Votiro is trusted by large enterprises, including top Fortune 500 companies, to completely eliminate file-based threats while ensuring zero interruption to business. Votiro has offices in the United States, Australia, Israel, and Singapore, and is trusted by hundreds of companies and millions of users worldwide to safely access files and attachments with complete peace of mind.

About Menlo Security Inc.

Menlo Security protects organizations from cyberattacks by eliminating the threat of malware from the web, documents, and email. Menlo Security’s isolation-powered cloud security platform scales to provide comprehensive protection across enterprises of any size, without requiring endpoint software or impacting the end user-experience. Menlo Security is trusted by major global businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and financial services institutions, and backed by Vista Equity Partners, Neuberger Berman, General Catalyst, American Express Ventures, Ericsson Ventures, HSBC, and JP Morgan Chase. Menlo Security is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, please visit www.menlosecurity.com.

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