Votiro Protects Microsoft Teams from File-borne Threats

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Virtual collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are vital for business productivity – especially those with remote workforces. Yet, while these platforms offer convenience and efficiency, they also expand the attack surface and present new opportunities for threat actors to take advantage of.

In this blog post, we dive into the cyber threats that can jeopardize the security of Microsoft Teams, and how Votiro is primed to stop threat actors in their digital tracks.

Cyber Threats that Can Harm Microsoft Teams

Threat actors use Microsoft Teams as a channel to exploit users, just like every other communications technology. However, unlike other forms of communication, collaboration platforms experience high volumes of files being shared throughout the day, and by many users both inside and outside of the organization. To exploit this flow of traffic, cybercriminals often send deceptive messages or emails, seemingly from trusted sources, to trick users into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious attachments. 

For example, in September 2023, a hacker group known as Storm-0324 used phishing lures via Microsoft Teams to dupe unsuspecting victims into opening a malicious SharePoint-hosted file. 

Yet, phishing attacks are just one threat. Teams can also be used by cybercriminals for malware distribution via infected files shared in chats or channels, including GIFs. In addition, third-party integrations can enhance the functionality of Microsoft Teams, but they also introduce potential vulnerabilities. For organizations large and small, these are security gaps that must be filled.

Enhancing Microsoft Teams Security with Votiro

Votiro is an advanced content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to prevent malicious files from infiltrating the user environment. To do this, Votiro listens for file upload events on Channels and Chats across Microsoft Teams and forwards the files to the Votiro file sanitization engine server in real-time to cleanse them of hidden malware before returning them – completely safe – to the user. Or, if the file is deemed malicious in nature, the user will find a message from Votiro stating this fact, and the offending file will be blocked automatically. 

Offering more control to organizations over their security decisions, Votiro provides administrators with the ability to choose and selectively protect Teams for file sanitization, and to dynamically update the list of whitelisted Teams. The application also covers implicitly (requiring no user intervention) the creation and deletion of new Channels and the addition and removal of users from a whitelisted Team. 

Votiro for Microsoft Teams: How It Works

Let’s explore how Votiro protects the Microsoft Teams environment.

Quick and Easy Installation

As a native API, installing Votiro for Microsoft Teams is a straightforward process. This allows organizations to start protecting their Teams environment right away – reducing the chance of file-borne threats from infiltrating their system. 

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Votiro understands that needs change over time, including policies around certain threat types and how incoming data is treated. Therefore, organizations can update their Microsoft Teams configurations easily – changing policies and specific file actions as necessary. 

Sanitization: Protecting Your Files

Votiro operates seamlessly in the background, listening for file upload events on channels and chats. It handles various scenarios, including:

  • Sanitizing files with attachments in channel messages
  • Sanitizing files sent via chat by members of protected teams
  • Automatically setting up channel and chat sanitization for new channels and added members in protected teams
  • Removing configurations for deleted channels or users removed from protected teams
  • Discarding all configurations if a protected team is deleted

The sanitization process happens in just milliseconds, and once completed, the sanitized file is made available to end users just as it was intended – with full fidelity and functionality intact.

Monitoring and Reporting: Stay Informed

Votiro provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities to help you stay informed and take action. You can view traffic information and analyze incidents related to Microsoft Teams through the Votiro Management dashboard and Incidents page.

Pictured Above: Real-time Votiro Incoming Traffic Data

Pictured Above: A Detailed Example of an Incident Report

Protect Your Microsoft Teams Environment from Malicious Files with Votiro

As you can see, Microsoft Teams is a valuable collaboration tool, but it’s not immune to cyber threats. With Votiro’s robust API solution for Microsoft Teams, you can protect your organization’s data and communications seamlessly, ensuring a secure and productive digital workspace for all users. 

To learn more about Votiro’s ability to prevent file-borne threats when it comes to Microsoft and its family of products, you can request a free demo. And if you’re ready to jump right in, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial

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