How Votiro Protects Microsoft O365 from File-borne Threats

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Microsoft Office 365 (O365) continues to be a key platform where businesses and individuals connect, create, and communicate with one another, continuously evolving to take full advantage of the cloud and its ability to bring ideas and assets together. However, like any thriving digital ecosystem, O365 is not without its vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to file-based threats. 

Enter Votiro and its ability to extend O365’s defensive perimeter so that every file, from multiple sources, is free from potential harm. In this blog, we take a look at how Votiro enables Office 365 users to work with confidence. 

Defense in Depth: Layered Security with Votiro

The concept of Defense in Depth is not new; it’s rooted in the idea that multiple layers of defense are better than one. Think of it as a castle with outer walls, moats, inner fortifications, and finally, the royal guard – each layer designed to thwart adversaries, ensuring the kingdom remains protected.

Votiro applies this same principle to O365 by integrating seamlessly, adding additional layers of security that thoroughly cleanses every file that enters the O365 ecosystem, ensuring they are free from hidden malicious elements – without modifying or disrupting the usability of the file in the process.

While O365 has its intrinsic security measures, depending on whether you’ve opted for E3 or E5 protection, Votiro takes it several notches higher by filling in the gaps left behind.

Broadening the Horizon: Protecting Beyond Microsoft’s Parameters

It’s well understood that Microsoft has invested significantly in file security. However, in a world as interconnected as ours, limiting defense to only Microsoft files is akin to protecting the aforementioned castle but leaving the townsfolk (who travel in and out) vulnerable to harm.

Votiro recognizes this gap. By integrating with O365, it doesn’t just replicate the security measures Microsoft provides for its own file types, but it expands them. Whether it’s a JPEG from an external partner or a ZIP archive from a client, Votiro ensures that every file type is scanned, sanitized, and safe to use. This comprehensive file defense is critical in fortifying the 0365 email and web infrastructure, ensuring organizations – from an esteemed Law Firm to an international football league – can benefit from a Zero Trust content framework.

Integration at Its Best: API & Email Connector

One might wonder how Votiro achieves this seamless integration. Through APIs and email connectors, Votiro embeds itself into the very fabric of O365. The API ensures that any application or service within the O365 environment can communicate with Votiro, benefiting from its security protocols. On the other hand, the email connector acts as the frontline defense, ensuring that every email attachment, irrespective of its origin or file type, is passed through Votiro’s rigorous security checks before it reaches the recipient. This flexible integration enabled a leading wine and spirits distributor to deploy and configure Votiro to monitor and protect their email communications and Office 365 workspace. Similarly, a regional Credit Union used Votiro’s open API to connect with its Integrated Cloud Email Security system (ICES), delivering 24/7 protection against malicious attachments and unrecognized threats. 

The Future of O365 Security with Votiro

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, resting on laurels is not an option. Threats are becoming more sophisticated, and the tools to combat them need to be a step ahead. Votiro, with its integrated, zero trust approach to content security, ensures that O365 remains the productive and secure platform it was designed to be. 

For organizations not looking to rip and replace current security measures, Votiro makes it easy to plug the gaps left behind by Microsoft’s own tech. In fact, you can read all about augmenting your infrastructure with Votiro right here

With Votiro in your tech stack, you add defense-in-depth malware prevention to your O365 environment, so that you can ingest files of all types with confidence. To learn more about Votiro, request a demo with our team!

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