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Adaptive Cybersecurity: Integrating Votiro into Your Existing Security Architecture

November 1, 2023

Many existing security technologies already excel at what they were explicitly designed for and need a way to cover where they are weak. The solution for savvy organizations is not to replace and exchange but to augment.

With a unique focus on prevention and augmentation, Votiro adds value to current security infrastructures, amplifying strengths while shoring up potential weaknesses. As a result, organizations are empowered to build upon their security investments, achieving a robust, comprehensive defense against known and hidden malware threats.

In this guide, the topics covered include:

  • Cautious Changes in Security Investments
  • Where Security Investments Were Made
  • How Replacement is Disruptive
  • The Political Costs
  • Augmentation Rather Than Replacement
  • Building on Common Security Solutions
    • Antivirus
    • SIEM
    • Endpoint Detection and Response
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Remote Browser Isolation
    • Cloud Storage and Data Lake Security Stack
  • And more…

Plus, you’ll learn how Votiro works together with current solutions to improve your security stack.

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