Votiro and Trust – From Zero to 100% Positive

February 1, 2021

When it comes to internet security, we have been constantly warned in our professional and personal online activity: “Don’t trust anything!”

  • We have become suspicious of the integrity of websites and downloading from them.
  • We have become suspicious about receiving emails from addresses unknown to us.
  • We have become suspicious of email addresses we do know, and check properties.
  • We have become beyond suspicious about clicking icons and links.

Suspicion is not a natural default position for many of us. We have learned — some of us the hard way — that when it comes to internet integrity, content is not always as it appears. Hackers are becoming increasingly competent at presenting threats in a manner familiar to us, to trick us. We want to be able to go about our business in a carefree and productive way, spending our time thinking, sharing, researching and collaborating — without the overhead of suspicion.

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway complements your organization’s Zero Trust strategy because all files and emails presented pass through our processing with zero trust for the unknown. We leave the trust component to our Positive Selection® engine, as it processes data in motion — analyzing, reconstructing, testing, and delivering — so that 100% of files are securely delivered to end users.

Supporting Staff Workflow

In the ‘Work from Anywhere’ world we now live in, organizations are challenged to provide a flexible and secure synchronized environment across global locations and personal devices. A productive workforce needs to trust the files and emails they use to communicate and collaborate, with security embedded and with the speed they expect.

Your workforce will be more productive without the overhead of being scared of potential cybersecurity threats — suspicious of every click they make, slowing them down and distracting them. The responsibility of knowing that a misplaced click or an unfortunate download may expose not only themselves, but also their colleagues, to hackers is a responsibility one step too far. This responsibility should be removed from your workforce; their suspicion replaced by a safe harbor. They should be free to work uninterrupted; secure in the knowledge that their actions cannot cause a breach in security. Suspicion is not their responsibility.

Trusting the Content – Zero Tolerance of Unknown Elements

Content is a conduit for successful malware attacks, whether through email, websites, or applications. Votiro’s Secure File Gateway relieves you of the burden of checking for malicious content in a file by only trusting positive content and providing zero tolerance towards unknown elements. With traditional email, file security, and content disarm and reconstruction solutions, all it takes is a small rogue element for the whole file to be rendered malicious and be blocked, or extracted for additional and time-consuming testing or manipulation. However, by positively selecting elements known to be safe by Votiro, this procedure is faster and completely up-to-date, with no reliance on checking signature databases for known threats or sandboxing and no opportunity for zero-day attacks. Positive Selection® ensures end users receive files free from the possibility of an attack, 100% of the time.

A file contains many elements that we recognize and know to be regular components of a particular file type. The file may have the right extension, pass True Type authentication, and have the regularly named folders and files, objects, and elements. This would generally lead us to believe that the file presented was recognized and something we could trust, with no suspicious components. But this approach is not good enough! Hackers have become increasingly brazen with their attempts to trick us into believing we recognize websites as authentic, trust the links to the websites, recognize logos, addresses, icons and more. We are being manipulated to trust the content in front of us because we have been manipulated to recognize the content. This is why we must not rely on staff to be suspicious and responsible. We must provide tools responsible for delivering content that is 100% safe.   

Why the Positive Approach Works

Positive Selection® takes a trust only in the positive approach to files presented, breaking down every element of a file recursively to the lowest-level element. Each element passes through Votiro’s Secure File Gateway, where the Positive Selection® processing engine analyzes it. If we do not 100% recognize an element and trust it to be safe, that element will not pass through the Positive Selection® engine back into the newly reconstructed, fully-functional, and completely threat-free template. The new file comprises only elements that have passed the positive selection process, eliminating any potential security breach.

Votiro partners with File Type providers, such as Microsoft and Adobe, and has expertise matching file elements presented with the known elements of a file. This enables deconstructing files to individual elements and automatically passing only known and recognized elements through to the new file template, to deliver 100% safe content. This also eliminates the risk of zero-day attacks, and the overhead of maintaining databases of known threats, and resources and time to manage this architecture.

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway processes data in motion with no additional overhead of decision-making by individuals involved. This allows web downloads to be delivered within milliseconds of a user’s click, so their workflow is not interrupted, or compromised by either time or security. Eliminating the intervention of privileged users from the analysis process gives staff confidence in the confidentiality of the secured files received.   

Trust in the Positive

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway processes files using Positive Selection® techniques to only trust in the positive. By doing so, it:

  • Validates — accepts only the known non-harmful elements of a file.
  • Controls — the component elements of content accepted as secure in a file.
  • Enforces — file integrity and delivery of 100% secure files into an organization.

Votiro’s Positive Selection® technology results in users being 100% secure with the knowledge that the files they rely on are 100% safe.