How to Secure Your Client-Facing Portal from Malware

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Client portals offer a convenient outlet for businesses to share and receive customer files. However, every file a customer sends can potentially contain malware that evades detection in even the most secure portal software. 

Once malware reaches your network, it can have disastrous data security consequences—and potentially damage your customer relationships. Thankfully, Votiro can help you ensure every file that reaches your business is free of malware and other security threats. 

Secure Client-Facing Portals

With the exception of your email network, client portals are one of the easiest vectors for hacker access to breach your network. According to IBM, the global average data breach cost businesses roughly $3.9 million. So it is easy to understand why many organizations never recover from breaches. 

As malware and hacking styles evolve, even secure client portals are subject to threats. You need an infallible solution to protect your business. The Votiro for Web Applications API provides a zero-trust approach to protecting files from malware—without using detection. 

All files accessed, shared, saved, and collaborated in your online portal are automatically sanitized by Votiro before being delivered to your network. This comprehensive technology does not just block malware threats in your client portal or file-sharing system—it eliminates them before they enter your network. Unlike other solutions, our approach is effective against zero-day exploits, undetectable threats, and evolving malware systems. In addition, Votiro solutions are compatible with all client portal types, device types, data sources, and networks. 

How Do Our Client Portal Security Features Work?

To truly secure client portal documents, you need a comprehensive solution that addresses malware at its source: uploaded and shared files. Votiro revolutionized Content, Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology to develop our patented Positive Selection® technology. 

Positive Selection disassembles every shared file into its most minor components—no matter the document type—and only allows the known-good (a.k.a. positive) elements of the file to enter your network. 

The Votiro Cloud Web Applications API can be deployed across client portals, emails, mobile device infrastructure, and web applications—keeping your business secure on all fronts. Best of all, our technology thoroughly sanitizes files in less than a second to help maintain both your security and your productivity.

What is Positive Selection® Technology?

Positive Selection Technology is an advanced and comprehensive cyber-threat prevention technology. While most file security systems try to detect malicious file elements, Positive Selection assumes each file is malicious. It dissects all files to analyze and remove suspicious code or known threats—leaving behind only positive file elements. Once sanitized, the file is reconstructed to retain 100% usability—including macros and active content. Positive Selection technology is highly effective against known and unknown threats—including undetectable malware, obfuscation attacks, and zero-day targeted attacks.

The primary purpose of most client portals is to share documents, files, and other communication—making them especially vulnerable to threats. Positive Selection proactively safeguards your business from malware by cleansing and securing external files before they enter your internal system.

Votiro: Zero Trust File Security for Client-Facing Portals

With malware attacks on the rise, every file you receive through your client portal can potentially deliver devastating security threats to your business. Votiro offers a comprehensive, reliable solution you can trust to secure every file before it enters your network. 

Votiro’s trusted solutions are used worldwide by governments, banks, insurance businesses, logistic companies, healthcare organizations, defense agencies, pharmaceutical corporations, and critical infrastructure companies. Schedule a demo to start protecting your client-facing portal from malware today.

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