Empowering a European Utility: Defeating File-borne Threats with Votiro

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The Client

One of Europe’s most substantial utilities, serving millions of customers across more than a dozen countries. While electricity production and distribution are its primary domains, the company also holds significant stakes in water treatment, natural gas supply, and waste management – making it the dominant utility player in its home country.

The Challenges:

  • Managing Data Customer Data Inflow and Cyber Threats: The utility company’s web portal received diverse documents, boosting efficiency but introducing vulnerabilities.
  • Attractive Target: Prominence made the utility a prime target for cyber adversaries.
  • Immediate Threats: Uploaded files harbored embedded threats capable of launching ransomware.

The Solution: Votiro

  • Strategic Deployment: The utility company turned to Votiro Cloud’s SaaS solution to safeguard its new upload portals from file-borne threats and to help them achieve a zero-trust content solution. They began with two portals to assess Votiro’s API-based solution.
  • Expanding Defense: Encouraged by the promising results and the seamless protection of their network, the utility company is deploying Votiro across ten portals, safeguarding up to 250,000 files.

Before Implementing Votiro

  • Risk from File-Based Threats: Regular uploads from diverse users posed a risk, especially with undetectable zero-day threats.
  • Target for Cyber Adversaries: The utility’s prominence made it an attractive target for cyber adversaries.

After Implementing Votiro

  • Comprehensive Protection: Votiro works seamlessly at every file entry point, safeguarding the utility’s network and files.
  • Prevention of Evasive Threats: Votiro identifies, disarms, and analyzes known and unknown threats hidden within the utility company’s files.

Today, the European utility firm isn’t merely shielded against threats stemming from web uploads; they are exploring opportunities to deepen their collaboration with Votiro. Their sights are set on extending into other pivotal use cases within the organization, encompassing email workflows and even operational technology (OT) environments. This vision underscores their unwavering commitment to achieving a zero-trust content solution.

To download the full case study, head here. If you’re ready to see how Votiro can protect your environment from file-borne threats, schedule a demo with a member of our team!

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