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European Utility Giant Eliminates File-borne Threats to Upload Portals with Votiro Cloud

September 20, 2023

The Company is one of Europe’s most substantial utilities, serving millions of customers across more than a dozen countries. While electricity production and distribution are its primary domains, the Company also holds significant stakes in water treatment, natural gas supply, and waste management, making it the dominant utility player in its home country.

The Challenge: Data Inflow without Threat Inflow

Managing Customer Data Inflow and Cyber Threats
The utility’s web portal, a crucial point of contact for its extensive customer base, facilitated the submission of diverse documents, ranging from Excel sheets and PDFs to screenshots and images. Given the utility firm’s prominent standing and visibility within the sector, it became an appealing target for cyber adversaries.

Securing Against File-Borne Threats
When employees access the uploaded files, any embedded threats could immediately start executing malicious code. Consequently, the Company initiated a search for a highly effective solution to fortify its perimeter against threats associated with files.

The Solution: Votiro Cloud

Today, the utility firm isn’t just safeguarded against threats from web uploads but is keen on deepening its partnership with Votiro. They are eyeing an expansion into other pivotal use cases within the organization, including their email workflows and even OT environments, echoing their commitment to achieving a comprehensive zero-trust solution.

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