December 17, 2017

Invoicing. Business documents. A meeting invitation. These days, the average employee receives countless incoming files, including emails with attachments, web downloads, and others, that have CISOs stressing around the clock about what he might click. Cyber criminals have tapped into yet another virtual weakness with one unsuspecting click that can be devastating to an organization. Luckily, Votiro’s Next Generation Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) can help organizations get ahead of the threat. Our technology closes the external files security hole, giving control back to the experts who know how to keep the organization safe.

First, how do they get in?

Today, the most common passage of infection is by sending a document with embedded malicious macros.  Once the macro is executed, the programmer can access the file system with all the privileges the user has, download and cause major damage to files and programs, change proxy settings, plus many more vengeful acts.

In 2017, Microsoft presented Windows 10S, a new version of the operating system that they claimed was another step toward enhanced security. Within three hours hackers had developed a macro that could infiltrate the new system. This sent system administrators and C-level leadership reeling.

Legit macros today are widely used in organizations in their intentional form, they are an important feature that can automate tasks easing everyday business. Wanting the convenience of macros without the security risk, security leaders are in need for solutions to address the threat.

Welcome to the era of Next Generation CDR

Traditional counteracting technologies including Anti-spam, Anti-virus, and Sandbox address faulty macros and we’ve seen these positioned as major security solutions. AS, AV and Sandbox are outdated and each carry significant chance that they too can be bypassed.

With other solutions, like general CDR, you end up with a flattened document, without any macros at all, where legitimate macros have been removed, as well.

In order to truly deal with the threat of macros, Votiro’s patented Next Generation CDR technology differentiates between a legit macro and a malicious one.  The way our next gen CDR technology has tackled this macro epidemic is by looking deeper. We don’t just eliminate all macros at once, but analyze the code for suspicious artifacts. If such anomalies are found, then the individual document is deemed suspicious and tagged for further action based upon our client policies.

Safe document oversight allows for control and less hassle for CISOs who continually cope with the ongoing nuisance that is macros.

We work around the clock to counteract current and future threats, with the best minds solving ongoing problems. Stay ahead of the threat with Votiro’s Next Generation CDR technology.

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