Zero Trust Content Security

API-first Content Disarm and Reconstruction-as-a-Service (CDRaaS)

Deliver safe files in milliseconds, anywhere files are needed.

Protecting millions of users worldwide

Completely Secure,

Everywhere Files Enter

Any file, anywhere, anytime. With a deep, expert understanding of all types of files, Votiro Cloud eliminates threats from the widest possible range of files, no matter how they enter your organization.


Easily connects with all mail servers, protecting all content and email attachments without delaying or disrupting business

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Web Browser

Integrates into all existing proxy servers and secures any file downloaded from Chromium browsers

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Web Applications

Protects against malicious files uploaded via company-specific web apps, portals, or other services used to receive customer files

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Same Exact Files.

Minus The Risk.

Positive Selection guarantees you receive the exact same file, while getting rid of all potential risk. That way, your file remains completely authentic and functional, yet free of threats.

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Nothing But Business

You won’t even know it’s there. Unlike other slow, time-consuming solutions, the Votiro Cloud eliminates weaponized files without disrupting your business for even a single moment.

Get Rid of the Overhead

Blocking and quarantining files doesn’t just cost your business time. It raises your overhead. With Votiro, you don’t block or quarantine anything. Files smoothly enter your organization the instant they’re received, drastically reducing your overhead.