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ProactiveReal-timeActionable We make file-borne threats and privacy risks a thing of the past.

Votiro is Zero Trust Content Security with Data Detection and Response in one platform. With proactive file-borne threat prevention, real-time privacy and compliance, and actionable data insights, our Zero Trust solution protects you from countless digital threats that pose unnecessary risks to your organization, your customers, and your reputation.

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Zero Trust threat prevention & data security is what we do.
Positive Selection®
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We take a Zero Trust approach to threat prevention and data exposure – one that removes all possible malware and privacy risks whether they’re known or not.

7+ Billion Files and Breaches.

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The Votiro Accelerate Program is designed to help Partners grow revenue by providing their customers with the best Zero Trust solution for threats and privacy the market has to offer.

A Mission Founded in Purpose

“As a pen tester, I sent compromised resumes to company HR departments. Every resume that went through was opened. Every single one. So, I decided there had to be a better solution to this common problem. And that solution is Votiro.”

Aviv Grafi | Votiro Founder & CTO

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