Votiro for MSPs

Don’t just detect malware in files. Prevent it.
Even undiscovered and evasive malware.


Your clients are accepting files from numerous untrusted sources – the web, emails, and in their file transfer processes. With 70% of file-borne malware being new variants, Votiro Cloud can help you protect your clients – without adding overhead, maintenance, or additional work to your team.

Open API-Based Solution. Fits Wherever Your Clients Need It.

Don’t rip-and-replace existing solutions. Votiro Cloud’s API-based solution fits anywhere, including with FTP, Email Security, Browser Isolation, Content Collaboration, Web Browsing, and CASB solutions – to name a few. No need to upend a platform or other solutions.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“Votiro has secured the use of digital channels for receiving files in our company. It adds great value by allowing us to speed up the journey for our customers and reduce bottlenecks for our staff.”

CISO, Hachshara Insurance
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No Maintenance. No Hassle. No Work Added.

No need to get certified in Votiro Cloud. Once it’s installed, it runs on its own.

64% of SOC Analysts say they’re going to quit in the next 12 months. Burnout is rampant in the industry, including on your team. Why add tools that add additional work? Votiro is invisible to the end-user and almost invisible to your team. It requires no maintenance, no tuning, no patching, and no constant check-ins. Our proactive SaaS removes unknown threats from files, eliminating time spent on remediation. Client security posture goes up. Your team’s workload goes down.

Easy to Position and Deploy

It’s easy to share the value of Votiro Cloud. Our Zero Trust Content Security solution helps businesses of all sizes eliminate file-borne threats before they reach the network or internal systems. We deploy in as fast as 10 minutes as a SaaS or 90 minutes as an on-premises solution. Votiro eliminates time-to-detection and provides immediate value. Customers can try Votiro free for 30 days and see exactly how many hidden threats are prevented.

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Quick Implementation:
As fast as 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration:
With existing solutions

Simple to Use:
Zero training required

Works Your Way:
Both Cloud & On-Prem