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Here’s how Votiro Disarmer helps banks and other financial services put file-borne ransomware behind them.


Hundreds of ransomware attacks and a 130% increase in fraud incidents in 2017 alone! [pwc]

A prime prey for cybercriminals, the financial institutes’ transition to digital services is paved with ransomware attacks and fraud incidents. From KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, through check clearings, to downloaded documents – banks and financial services depend on online transactions and constant online communication with their customers on a daily basis. This handling of immense amounts of incoming documents (such as check scans, ID copies, or image files) constantly exposes financial institutes to malicious file-borne attacks, most of them easily bypassing standard security systems, such as sandbox.


Ending Ransomware by Securing Digital Transactions

Whether a scanned PDF or an uploaded document sent from the customer’s personal mobile, once Votiro Disarmer is deployed, every single file coming in via any digital transaction is automatically routed to Votiro’s File Disarmer There, every document is dissected and recursively cleaned from any known or unknown potential exploit, and then sent back to the local server, completely reconstructed, now safe to open, save, and edit. With every file entering the organization neutralized from potential exploits, banks and other financial services can put file-borne ransomware behind them.


Want to see how Votiro Disarmer protects banks from malicious checks?


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