Votiro Cloud for Financial Institutions

Protect Against Weaponized Files Like Loan Documents,
Malicious Emails, and Other Incoming Content


Banks, investment firms, credit card processors, and financial services firms are susceptible to file-borne threats due to the vast number of documents that must be accepted into the corporate network—through emails, cloud applications and portals, or downloaded from the web.

Votiro Eliminates File-Borne Threats for Financial Institutions

Votiro Cloud upends the traditional, detection-based approach to reducing content risk. By focusing on only allowing in positive, known-good content—instead of attempting to identify and block ever-changing bad content—Votiro ensures all files are completely free of risk and threats.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“We chose Votiro because of its unique concept and its known success in stopping any exploit from arriving through the email channel. The Votiro technology has really proved its worth for us.

CISO, Bank
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Detection-Based Solutions Can’t Prevent Unknown Threats

Whether loan documents, fund transfers, or images of checks – you want to provide your customers with safe, accessible, and timely services, while reducing the risk to your company.

Signature-based security tools can prevent known threats but are powerless against zero days and unknown threats sent within vital business documents. Incoming files—uploaded to a portal by a client, or even an email file itself—can contain malware or other embedded threats missed by existing detection-based tools.

Safe Files in Milliseconds, Without Blocking, Quarantining, or Flattening Files

Other file security solutions block files or convert them into PDFs…which are rendered safe, but useless to your enterprise. Votiro Cloud’s patented Positive Selection® technology instantly sanitizes all content—while retaining benign macros and other active content—to keep full file fidelity and usability.

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Easy Implementation:
Less Than 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration
With Existing Solutions

Zero training required

Supports Both
Cloud & On-Prem