Secure Files via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, or SMB with Votiro Cloud API for File Transfer

Transfer Files. Don’t Transfer Threats.

Votiro prevents hidden threats inside of incoming documents at scale. We integrate with existing technologies to prevent both known and unknown threats from entering via fileswithout slowing down automated processes or business.

Ensure File Transfer is Done Safely

Votiro adopts a zero-trust approach to file security wherever the files come from. When it comes to file transfer, you need to be sure that the files you’re receiving are malware-free. Votiro’s patented Positive Selection Technology sanitizes once they hit the FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, and local folders. We clean the files of known and unknown threats before they reach their destination, and only allow known-good elements to reach the endpoint.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“Because of Votiro, we can safely allow downloads. I think about 70% of the files we wanted to download weren’t allowed with our previous vendor. Votiro gave us the greatest flexibility in file downloading throughout our organization.”

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Just AV Scanning Files During the Transfer Process Misses Unknown Threats

Over 70% of malware attacks will be missed by anti-virus.

You want to be sure that all digital transfers and files are free of malicious elements. You want to be certain that even the most evasive malware won’t make it through, and all files are verified as safe as they enter your organization. With so many files zipping back and forth, you don’t want to have to think twice before your organization accepts or opens a file.

Safe Files in Milliseconds, Without Blocking, Quarantining, or Flattening Files

Other file security solutions like antivirus or primitive CDR solutions block files or convert them into PDFs…which are rendered safe, but useless to your enterprise. Votiro Cloud’s patented Positive Selection® technology sanitizes all content in near real-time—while retaining benign macros and other active content—to keep full file fidelity and usability.

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Easy Implementation:
Less Than 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration
With Existing Solutions

Zero training required

Supports Both
Cloud & On-Prem