Votiro for Data Lakes

Get clean data from your data lake.
So clean you could drink it.


You built a big, beautiful, brand-new data lake. Your developers are excited to use it to power applications and business insights. Just like a water treatment plant keeps pollution out of real lakes, you’ll need to keep malware pollution out of yours. Votiro prevents known and unknown threats from entering your data lakes – without slowing business.

How Many Sources of Data Populate Your Lake?

You may trust that files and content you add to your data lake are safe, but what about third parties uploading theirs? Your data lake becomes more valuable the more integrated it is, but it also becomes more susceptible to risk of cyber-attacks. Malicious actors can upload file-borne threats to your data lake that can then infect the entire lake.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“Votiro has secured the use of digital channels for receiving files in our company. It adds great value by allowing us to speed up the journey for our customers and reduce bottlenecks for our staff.”

CISO, Hachshara Insurance
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Detection-Based Solutions Can’t Prevent Unknown Threats.

Maybe you scan everything that enters your cloud environment. You want to be sure that all digital assets and files are free of malicious elements. You want to be certain that even the most evasive malware won’t make it through, and all files are verified as safe as they enter your applications and storage. With so many files in the mix, you don’t want to have to think twice about what’s inside your data lake.

Safe Files in Milliseconds, Without Blocking, Quarantining, or Flattening Files

The reason you built a data lake in the first place is to power your business. Votiro allows for the safe inflow of hundreds of file types without slowing down business.

Other file security solutions, like antivirus, block files or convert them into PDFs…which are rendered safe, but useless to your enterprise. Votiro Cloud instantly sanitizes all content—while retaining benign macros and other active content—to keep full file fidelity and usability.

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Quick Implementation:
As fast as 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration:
With existing solutions

Simple to Use:
Zero training required

Works Your Way:
Both Cloud & On-Prem