Votiro for Content Collaboration

Prevent malware from entering
your file sharing platforms


Your workers need to accept documents from third-parties on platforms like Box, Dropbox, Slack, and more. However, you can’t always be sure third-parties are uploading safe files. With Votiro, you can be sure your employees receive safe files.

The New Work Reality is Content Collaboration

Content collaboration platforms speed up the way business gets done. They’re necessary for sharing, accessing, and editing files. Marketing, HR, sales, development, manufacturing, accounting – virtually all units of a business have a reason to share files with third-parties and vendors on tools like OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Slack, GDrive, Citrix, and SureDrop. Not to mention many more.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“Votiro has secured the use of digital channels for receiving files in our company. It adds great value by allowing us to speed up the journey for our customers and reduce bottlenecks for our staff.”

CISO, Hachshara Insurance
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Let Your Employees Collaborate Safely. Without Disruption.

Third-parties, partners, and vendors send files every day to members of your team via content collaboration platforms. In order to keep business going, employees need to be able to quickly access and download these files – but they come with risk of hidden threats like malware and ransomware that cannot be detected by the platforms themselves, or traditional detection-based safeguards like antivirus.

While the file is in motion, Votiro Cloud moves only the known good file elements to a clean file template, leaving behind malware, exploits, and even unknown or zero-day threats.

Same File. Same Active Content. No Malware.

Votiro Cloud secures content collaboration platforms without slowing down file flow. Our Zero Trust approach means that only the good components of a file are allowed into a cloud environment.

By moving only the known good elements onto a clean template before sending that file to its destination, the file retains its original format, active content, and macros. Users don’t even know Votiro is there. 

Plus, Votiro Cloud fits into whichever content collaboration platform you use, so your users can safely share, download, access, and edit files from content collaboration platforms.

Fits Right in.

Won’t Ever Know It’s There.

Quick Implementation:
As fast as 10 Minutes

Seamless Integration:
With existing solutions

Simple to Use:
Zero training required

Works Your Way:
Both Cloud & On-Prem